How to Prevent Damage to Your Teak Dining Room Table

A teak table will take pride of place in your dining room, and of course teak furniture represents a significant investment. While teak is known for its durability, you need to follow a few basic steps to stop your teak dining table from becoming damaged. It's not too complicated, but by taking a few precautions, you will ensure that your teak dining table will give you years of service without losing any of its beauty.

Pens and Pencils

Teak is a hardwood and yet is not invulnerable to damage from everyday use. You need to be wary of doing any paperwork directly on the surface of your teak dining room table. This includes writing a letter or some types of craft projects. The pressing of a pen onto paper which sits directly on top of the paper runs the risk of etching whatever you've written onto the surface of the wood, which is a common issue with teak. This means that you need to place some sort of barrier between the page and the surface of the table, whether it's simply a book or a piece of cardboard. Crayons and felt tip pens won't leave an impression on the table, but a pen or even a pencil might. This damage could only be removed by the having the entire surface of the table sanded and refinished, which can be costly.


Teak can be prone to discolouration when it sits in the sun, which is why outdoor teak furniture should be finished with an appropriate sealant. While an indoor dining table is less likely to encounter these problems, it is certainly not immune from them. If your teak dining room table sits in direct sunlight for extended periods during the day, it could certainly become discoloured over time. Discolouration can be removed with light sanding, as it's only on the surface of the wood. To prevent this from happening, the teak should be treated with an appropriate sealant. Perhaps the company that is supplying the table can do this for you prior to delivery. It's an added expense, but it can give your table a much-needed extra layer of protection.

Table Coverings

Teak contains a large amount of natural oils and can be adversely affected by mildew. Your teak furniture needs to breathe, so you need to only use an appropriate covering. This means that any tablecloths that are used on a regular basis should be made from natural fibres, such as cotton or linen. They should not be permanently left on the table either, and why would you want to cover up that gorgeous wood?

As you see, it's not so complicated to look after your teak dining room table, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come.

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