Factors to Consider When Selecting Designer Furniture with the Best Finish

One of the considerations that you should have in mind when selecting designer furniture for your home is surface finish. So many options exist that you may find it difficult to select what will work best for you if you don't have a list of qualities that you desire. This article discusses some factors that you should consider when selecting the best surface finish as you buy designer wooden furniture.

The Desired Look

Each individual has his or her own preference regarding how they want their furniture to look. For example, some prefer the natural appearance of wood in the furniture that they buy. You may buy designer furniture whose surface was finished with oil or oil mixed with wax if you want the grain to remain visible. Such finishes retain the natural appearance of the wood. However, those finishes usually deepen the appearance of the wood. Conversely, you should select wood that was finished with a few layers of varnish if you want the designer furniture to have the light colour that is associated with some types of wood, such as pearwood.

Strength of the Finish

Think about the different uses to which that wooden furniture will be put before you select the best surface finish. For example, you may need to select a finish that penetrates the wood if the furniture is likely to undergo a lot of abrasion during its use. Lacquers offer high durability in such situations. Conversely, you should avoid designer furniture that is finished with varnish if the furniture will be subjected to abrasion. This is because the varnish will eventually peel off the furniture.

Environmental Friendliness

Another way to narrow down your options for surface finishes when you are selecting designer furniture involves comparing the finishes in terms of whether they have toxic substances in their formulation. Here, water-based finishes score highly due to their limited inclusion of pollutants (formaldehyde, for example). This is in sharp contrast to catalysed lacquer finishes that have several ingredients, such as acid catalysts, that are considered toxic to the environment. It is therefore necessary for you to read the information about a given finish carefully so that you select the least environmentally harmful option.

Narrow down your options to the furniture that satisfies your needs. You can then enlist the help of an expert to help you to select the designer furniture that scores highly on other aspects, such as the type and quality of the joinery used during the making of the furniture.

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