Choosing the Right Furniture to Make your Bedroom Function Well.

The bedroom is often an overlooked room in the house because it is not usually on show, and the majority of time spent in there is used on sleeping. However, this is where you start and end every day, so it needs to be functional in the morning and feel restful at night. Your choice of bedroom furniture will determine how well the room works in relation to this. So when buying furniture for the bedroom consider the following:

Think about who will use the room and its purpose.

It might be for more than one person, so obviously the bed will take up most of the space, or it might be used as a guest room. You may enjoy watching TV or reading in there, getting dressed, doing makeup, or working at a desk and need a chair.

Start with what you need.

Before you purchase any furniture decide on the main bits first. The majority of people have a bedroom set, which comprises of three main pieces of furniture all of the same type of wood. Obviously, the number one piece of furniture required is a bed, but determine what size it needs to be and where in the room it will go. The next piece of furniture required will be somewhere to store all of your clothes, so a wardrobe or set of drawers. Finally, a nightstand or locker to hold essentials, such as an alarm clock, lamp, phone or glass of water.

Think about the type of furniture will you get.

f there is no fixed budget then consider getting some bespoke furniture made. This will make the most of the space available, especially if you have sloping ceilings. Consider which type of wood you prefer. Hardwood is a more expensive option than softwood, but it can withstand a lot more wear and tear. However, hardwoods, such as mahogany and walnut, are darker in colour, and so might make the room appear smaller, but other options are oak, ash, birch, maple and cherry. Softwoods, such as pine or cedar, are less expensive options. Pine is lighter in colour, but will become darker with exposure to sunlight.

Here are 10 quick tips to consider before making your final decision.

1. Measure the room to see what can fit and leave plenty of room to walk round.
2. Get furniture to the same scale of the room and the space there is available.
3. Sort through clothes to determine what furniture is a necessity.
4. Think about where sockets are when planning where the furniture will be placed.
5. If purchasing a wardrobe, consider buying one with mirrors on, to reflect the light and giving the illusion of more space.
6. Think about maximising the storage space, such as buying a bed with drawers or maybe an ottoman.
7. Make sure the door has plenty of room to open all the way and isn't obstructed.
8. Try to avoid putting a desk in the bedroom for a better night's sleep, and keep a lamp on the bedside table for low level lighting.
9. There are many different types of furniture styles available, from traditional to contemporary. Choose the correct style for your particular taste.
10. Consider any extra furniture pieces to purchase, such as a chair or bookcase, and plan where they will fit.

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