How to Be Creative When Fitting Wardrobes in Your New Home

If you consider yourself to be somewhat quirky, you may have just bought a home that is rather unusual. It may have a non-traditional layout and as such, some of the bedrooms may be a little bit smaller than you might otherwise expect. You may also have some space that is difficult to populate with furniture and have been wondering what to do as far as your wardrobes are concerned? Here are a few ways you could approach this.

Get a Partition

Perhaps you can be creative and install a divider partway across the width of the room, instead of taking up a lot of space with a traditional wardrobe fitting. In this way, you can still maintain an element of openness and simply have a "walk-in" area where you have all your clothes. Perhaps a divider can be created using some light-coloured glass, for additional visibility.

Get a Matching Pair

You may have a small space, but you want everything that is in there to be symmetrical. In this case, perhaps you can choose some tall and narrow wardrobes and fit these on each side of the bed. This will enable you to frame everything nicely and have some useful storage options.

Take Advantage of All Kinds of Storage Space

If you haven't bought the bed yet, why not get one which has built in storage space underneath? You'll be amazed at just how much space is contained there and while you won't be able to hang any clothes of course, you will be able to satisfy many of your other needs.

A wardrobe also doesn't have to sit on the floor and extend upwards. If you simply haven't got any floor space left, why not make use of the area from shoulder height up to the ceiling? You could install a number of wardrobe units along the entire width of the wall. You may not be able to hang long dresses or overcoats due to the restricted space, but you could certainly get all of your shirts, T-shirts and other paraphernalia in there.

Make Them Yourself

Finally, don't be afraid to make your own shelving and racking system if you need to. If you have an eye for style and like to keep things tidy, this can look great. It may even look like your favourite clothing store and certainly, things will be handy to the touch.

There Is Something for You

Have a word with your furniture supplier to see what kind of bedroom wardrobe system they could recommend for your unusual space.

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