Tips For Selecting Your New Mattress

When you decide to purchase a new mattress, there are several factors to take into consideration including the right size for your needs, the firmness rating and the mattress material. A good mattress that provides a comfortable night's sleep is an investment and should last for several years when chosen well. Here are some tips for selecting a new mattress that you'll love sleeping on night after night:

Think About Size

Being squashed in bed because your mattress isn't quite big enough for two people to comfortably spread out is no fun. When selecting your new mattress take time to consider what size would most suit your needs. If you're feeling squashed on a double mattress and don't quite have enough room for a king mattress, consider a queen size as an alternative. A queen mattress is the same length as a king, which is a few centimetres longer than a double, and its width is halfway between a double and a king. It's easy to find bedding for a queen mattress, and upgrading to a queen from a double will add a little luxury to your night-time routine.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

The position that you tend to sleep in should be considered when deciding on the firmness of your mattress. Back and front sleepers receive the right level of support from a firm mattress, while those who sleep on their sides can benefit from a soft-medium mattress, which won't put too much pressure on their hips and shoulders. If you share your bed with someone who tends to have a different sleeping position to you, opt for a medium-firm mattress and choose a material that retains its shape, which can help support your spine.

Look Into 3 Popular Materials

In addition to considering the size and firmness of your mattress, you'll need to choose a material that's comfortable for you. This is a very individual choice and there are several materials to choose from, but there are three popular options that are worth considering.

Coil spring mattresses are durable and on the lower end of the price scale. They don't mould around your body as you sleep, but they do provide support around the edges, which is useful for those who sleep at the edge of the bed. Gel mattresses have a gel layer built into them just under the top surface. The gel prevents the mattress from sinking when you lie on it and offers a good level of support. Memory foam mattresses have exploded in popularity over the last few years and they provide a soft sleeping surface without compromising on support.

When selecting a mattress, ensure you have measured the area your mattress will be located in and ask a member of staff at your local bed store to provide advice on a few suitable products that meet your needs.

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